New Purchase of the Month: My Baby Monitor

So, I work from home, obviously, writing, doing tasks, and of course most importantly being a mother. Anyone else who has a baby you will know that babies love to sleep, they just don’t always like to sleep at the time that it’s most convenient for us. Often, they do not want to sleep in the night time, and then they do want to sleep as soon as you can’t be anywhere near them. I have always had trouble with this because I work from my office at home, and when I want to get work done and the baby is sleeping, I always feel bad leaving my baby all by herself. So, friends begin to suggest that I invest in a good baby monitor.

I’ve always had trouble with baby monitors, but it turns out that I was just not in the know about the ones that were actually worth having. The baby monitors that I didn’t like are outdated and old. The ones on the market now greatly exceed the expectations that I have, well maybe not all of them, but a good friend of mine recommended the Comfort Cam to me and it has been a major difference-maker in my around the house productivity and general quality of life…

Isn’t that all you can ever ask for from a product that you purchase? Is an improvement in your quality of life that is tangible, real, positive, and totally, fully appreciated? Well that’s what this one is done for me. I didn’t even know that a WiFi baby monitor was a thing, but in today’s day and age, why wouldn’t it be? It makes so much sense. You just downloaded very simple, easy-to-understand app, and the feed is transferred to your device, whether it’s an iPhone, an Android phone, or a tablet of some kind, via Wi-Fi…

What a world we live in today that products like this exist and make tangible improvements over previous iterations of products that did not have Wi-Fi capability. In a few years, people are going to wonder how we ever lived without constant Wi-Fi on our planet.

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