Blogging Tip: Search for Stock Photos

It’s really ironic, because of the name of this blog site, I got a lot of people asking me how to blog. Like, people want to know how to block. Isn’t that weird? At first I thought it was just because maybe they thought my blogging was like really good, which they probably do if they’re asking me for tips, but they’re doing it because the title says “show me”.

Even though it’s not my original intention, I have actually learned some interesting stuff about blogging, and I think that I do have a few tips that can help basically anybody who is starting a blog, you know? Like, I’m not an expert, but I’m past being a beginner now and I think I can help either beginners do what they need to do to succeed with their blog… Does that make sense? Like, I was just there in those beginning phases, and I kind of have a good perspective on how to take the next step.

In my own blog, and in blogs I follow, I often find that the stock photos that are used do not do enough to enhance the words that are written in the blog post. I never used understand why people would pick bad photos, and then I became a blogger and I realized how hard it is to find good stock photography. It’s like almost impossible on most of the sites. Most of the sites that other bloggers recommend aren’t even that good, because there are just very few premium options and people don’t know about some of the best ones.

So, I’m going to take a moment and give you a pro tip here. The best site for stock photography? This is a super easy question for me to answer.

It’s EyeEm.

It’s not even close, EyeEm blows the competition away. I prefer everything about this site to all of the other sites, the quality of the  Stock Photos is way better, and the website itself is super easy to use and professionally-designed. I love it I love it I love it, and I think you will too.

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