Can ASO Boost My Blog?

“Can ASO boost my blog, Rebecca?”

This was what I asked to my digital marketing college friend who I went shopping with. We were talking about her pretty cool job in an agency where she is the big boss of the marketing department.

Right now, she is in charge of developing strategies for app, and one of their key services is app store optimization or simply called as ASO. She told me that this ASO can make waves for businesses who have apps.

For one, when an app has underwent an ASO service from a digital marketing company, it can increase the possibility of having more people who will download their app. Aside from that, this can eventually turn to sales.

She takes for example one client who is into e-commerce. For six long years she was into online shop business where her customers can just shop in her website and pay through either Paypal or credit card. When she turned to my friend’s company, they put up an app counterpart so people have more choices of shopping platform.

She said it increased their sales for the past two months, which makes it as a proof that having an app can give in more sales to the company. Now, if you really want to be more competitive, hiring an ASO specialist is the key so many people can see your app in the app store, and thus generating more downloads.

I then asked her if this is also applicable to my blog. Well, my other blog, which is about beauty and lifestyle tips for mothers, is also offering services like tutorials. I wondered if I can also have an app for that.

She said, “Yes, of course!” But proper executing should take part, not to mention careful planning on both part of the client and the service provider.

So after we went shopping, we had coffee in Starbucks and we talked about the possible opportunities for that. I am excited for what we have brewed! I will let you know guys if we are on the execution part. Will definitely keep you updated!

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