Some Notes on Vancouver Housing Market

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m totally a West Coast person. I love everything about it. Something about the presence of nature in big cities permeates the populations, and I find that these areas are always spiritually rich and inspiring. I think Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is a perfect example of this.

In fact, I actually like it more than Seattle or San Francisco, and certainly more than I like Los Angeles. All of that Pacific Northwest vibe meets Canadian culture for a beautiful blend. However, I will say that I was certainly very disappointed with one aspect of my visit. You see, I’ve really been looking for a place to buy a retirement property, like what my friend Lina but from Coal Harbour condos, and I really thought that Vancouver might be that place for me, considering how much I’ve always appreciate it.

I guess I should have done my research, because I was sorely disappointed when I learned the price of a property in the city of Vancouver, or even in the surrounding area. Look, I done a bit of research and I found out that the real estate in the city of Vancouver was out of my price range. I assume, however, that I would be able to afford something in one of the neighboring cities. Neighboring cities is almost too big of a stretch, as they are literally right beside each other. One city doesn’t even end before another one begins– well, with a few of them at least. I’ve been looking at Burnaby condos for sale, without really paying attention to the actual price.

Yes, I realize this is foolish, but I didn’t really realize that the houses so pricey. Boy was I ever wrong. When I got to the area, I contacted a sweet Vancouver Realtor who was more than happy to show me around. I think, when he started telling me the prices, he could tell from the look on my face that I wouldn’t be buying. But it was still very generous with his time and energy. I am still thinking about it, but it is not a safe choice financially at the moment. Though the realtor did tell me that he didn’t see the prices dropping anytime soon, and he thought that they would just keep rising and Rising.

He had some good research to back up this claim. So, I suggest, if you’re going to go to Vancouver, enjoy every second of it. But don’t expect it to offer itself to you in a meaningful way. Just take it as a temporary beautiful experience, and think about buying property elsewhere, unless you are absolutely financially secure with money to spare.

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