Big Cities – Big problems

Two years ago I moved to a big city in order to have a better life and get a dream job! I feel there is a world full of opportunities for such young people as me. I like big cities and probably I will settle here.

However, you might face with the traffic problems. I am usually a very calm person, but sometimes it turns me into a devil! I don’t have my own car for now, but of course, I am planning to buy it in the future. I am dreaming about red beautiful car!

Also, another problem, that we all know about big cities is air pollution. I noticed that sometimes it is even hard to breath. To make it easier for me, I visit my family in the countryside. This helps me recover myself after busy days in the Megapolis.

The cost-of-living is much higher than in my small town. Of course, how I still can compare? I will not do it anymore, promise! It can cost you an arm and a leg for a small apartment in a decent area of the city. However, I don’t live in the center and could find cheaper. I share my room with a girl. So I can save some money for my fashion clothes.

Don’t afraid! Just as everywhere there are advantages and disadvantages. You just simply get used to them. The beginning is always like that. I know that soon I will have a fantastic life! Believe your dreams come true!

Bye for now and waiting for your stories!





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