Adirondack Chairs, Truly An Investment

Have you had an investment you regretted? I had one when I bought an appliance which was on sale. However, it turned out that I do not really need the appliance. Here are my thoughts on that bad decision.

  1. I decided abruptly without thinking over it
  2. I just wasted my money
  3. I just added extra space in my home for a thing I will not use

After realizing I had a bad decision, I promised myself I will no longer be a prey on sales and good talks from people and that I will think a hundred times before purchasing something. After I realized these, I also jotted down the conditions I need to check before buying another investment.

  1. Is it a need?
  2. Will it waste my money?
  3. Who and what will it benefit?
  4. Is it for the long run?
  5. How about the quality?

So imagine my delight when I went to a shopping mall and I saw another sale. At first I hesitated to even go through the sale items but what really caught my eye was a pair of Adirondack chairs in the sale stand. I mean, these chairs are known to be for garden and barbecue parties. However, it is not only for that purpose, it can be put in every part of the place. It has a classy look and the nice quality of work it was made of was really laudable. They also had a streamer that they accept credit cards when we purchased through their online stores.

When someone approached me, he said it is on 25 percent sale. When I check my list of conditions, they are agree with me saying it is truly an investment. Here are the reasons:

  1. My kids will love them. They will love playing around the garden area where my husband always waters the plants. My kids love playing in the garden. Really, they sometimes spend the whole afternoon there.
  2. My husband will love to sit there and have coffee. At the same time, he can still look over our kids while they were playing.
  3. I can work with my laptop while sitting there. I can work at home already!
  4. It is a nice investment if ever we conduct parties, gatherings, and barbecue parties in the garden. I can now invite my friends over or even have a small kiddie party for my kids, my nieces, and nephews. Maybe we can have a family reunion there!
  5. They are so comfortable to sit on despite it is made up of wood, they are of good quality.
  6. They are also very light and can be transferred from one place to another.
  7. It comes with a free umbrella
  8. And lastly, it is on sale! I immediately bought four chairs for the whole family.

Right now, I do not regret my decision of buying the chairs because it benefited my family. My friends are also praising me as well for not letting the opportunity pass. My friends even said the would have brought many if it were them!

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