Why I Ended Up Using An Electric Scooter

For my friends who know me well, I am an outgoing person. I always have appointments outside but still within the city. It can be a quick coffee with a client, a dinner with my boyfriend, a meeting with the bosses in the main office, or a client presentation somewhere. But while I am a workaholic who tries to juggle work and personal life, I always end up getting stressed on simple things. Say, for example the daily commute from one place to another.

I always get frustrated when I am caught up in traffic and I am still in my car. Aside from that, I end up getting frustrated when I find parking lots or when I need to have my car repaired or maintained. In short, a part of my daily stress is the fact that I always deal with the problems connected to my car. My boyfriend Jason is a go getter too. But despite our similarities, there is one thing that we differ from—and that is through transportation. Before, I though having a car will serve my problems on transportation. But I am mistaken. I saw how Jason manoeuvre in his electric scooter without any stress in his face while I am left fuming or stressed while stuck in traffic. I also saw how he saves a lot—from time, money, and effort that sometimes I envy him.

Jason uses an electric scooter from Unu Motors, one of the leading electric scooter (or elektrische scooter) provider in The Netherlands. He told me using an electric scooter will really uplift the burden in one’s city driving.

And so he purchased one for me. And I loved that I am feeling so happy and glad that I turned my back on using my car and is now commuting hassle free with Unu Motors electric scooter.

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